Jelvis is a character created from the mind of Travis Moody.


Travis is a comedian/on-air radio host and all around entertainer who, in June 2014, was sitting in his home one day watching children's TV programming and thought, "why isn't there anything puppet like for adults?" So, Travis thought back to his childhood and the programming he liked when he was little, and called his mom and had her create a stuffed Jelvis.


When Travis got Jelvis from his mother, he knew he had something, but didn't know what exactly. At first Jelvis was a part of Travis' radio show on the weekends, and Jelvis would travel all over the world with Travis and get his picture taken with different things, people, and places. 


Jelvis has met several celebrities and most don't know how to take him...he's just Jelvis.

The mind of a child with all the curiosity. Jelvis will ask the questions most are afraid to ask.


Travis always wanted to write a children's book, but he wanted adults to like it too. He thinks if they like it, then they will like reading it to their kids. Or if they don't have kids, they'll read it to themselves...maybe even out loud.